Building the , Restoring the past
Building the
Restoring the past.

Who we are

Ayaan Srl is a general construction, renovation and building services company born in Milan from the evolution of an entrepreneurial project built with passion and expertise in various European countries and beyond. The perseverance, commitment and dedication to work have led the company to grow rapidly in response to the demand of the construction industry, in a short time the territory in which we operate has expanded more and more, covering construction works throughout Italy.

p.iva/c.f: 03848700138

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A new project is meticulously followed by our team, in order to create a project in harmony


Interior and exterior renovation services, underground excavation and construction procedures

Real Estate

Ayaan SRL in the real estate sector includes the development, appraisal, marketing, sale, leasing



Codice ATECO: 41.2

Fatturato 2022: € 2.850.000

Fatturato 2021: € 1.049.334

Fatturato 2020: € 701.278

Fatturato 2019: € 141.437

Provincia: MI

Città: OPERA

Indirizzo: VIA TREBBIA, 11/25

Partita IVA: 03848700138

Fondazione: 02/03/2020

N. Dipendenti: 3.731

Costo del personale: € 784.298

Telefono: (+39) 379 116 0204


Bioedilizia Ayaan Srl looks to the future and to the planet carefully, taking steps to introduce natural, eco-friendly and recyclable materials into its production cycle at the end of their life. Furthermore, the use of specialized labor is a guarantee of flexibility in all the projects, with rapid intervention times, in strict compliance with the regulations on safety at work.


Our company has grown rapidly in response to the demand of the italian construction industry, in a short time the area in which we operate has expanded more and more, covering construction works throughout Lombardy


Through our many years of experience in the real estate sector we have realized the great importance of a service based on innovation, professionalism and precision!

The company employs a qualified and experienced staff, made up of architects, civil engineers, technicians, marketing managers, as well as a qualified team of specialized construction workers who show particular attention to quality in the construction of the works we take charge of which distinguishes us and allows us to offer our customers maximum reliability.

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Are you looking for a contact person at Ayaan S.R.L? We have branches in nine German cities, nine European countries and are supported by our subsidiaries throughout the world.